Reviewer Process

Reviewer Process

Journal of Pediatric Infection’s aim is to publish high quality scientific articles in the field of pediatric health and diseases. Review, original research, editor’s view, letter to the editor, case reports and educational scientific articles (what is your diagnosis?, routines, question-answer, clinical clues, news from the world literature) are also being accepted. It is an independent, unprejudiced journal that gets published both in Turkish and English, and relies on peer-review principles.

Articles get evaluated by at least two reviewers and the editorial board has the right to accept, request correction or reject the article. Reviewers get selected amongst experienced independent specialists who have works published in international literature.

Journal of Pediatric Infection is indexed by Web of Sciences, Emerging Sources Citation Index, CINAHL, Türkiye Atıf Dizini and TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM Türk Tıp Dizini.

Key questions for the reviewers:

  • Does the title reflect the content of the article?
  • Are the keywords appropiate?
  • Does the abstract summarize the article? Can it be understood without reading the article? Are there any contradictions between the abstract and the article?
  • Is the work based on the medical literature research given in the introduction section? Is the aim of the study described? Are there any hypothesis or research questions?
  • Are the informed consent of the authors and the ethics committee approval given in the materials and methods section?
  • Is there a clear explanation of the methods that enable the results to be produced independently?
  • Does the discussion start with the most important results? Do the results get compared to the related literature? Are the limitations and results clear enough? Are all the references in correct format?